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For prompt and professional gutter cleaning and repair services, rely on Whatcomgutter in Lynden, WA. We’ll make sure that your home or building is protected against the damaging effects of leaks, spills, clogs, and other common gutter problems.

Do you need to have your gutters replaced? We also install gutters.

Our Products


Seamless Gutters


5" Standard

This is usually sufficient if you need to replace your gutter system or if you have built a new home.

6" Commercial

We recommend this for commercial buildings, large office buildings, and residential homes that collect large amounts of water.

Leaf Guards

We offer two types of screens:

Basic Screen

The basic screen is made from aluminum, the same material as the gutter. It has inverted holes that allow water to drain and prevent leaves from clogging your gutter system.

Mesh Screen

The mesh screen is the basic screen with a stainless steel micro mesh that covers the gutter. It prevents all kinds of needles from blocking your gutters.
We offer free gutter cleaning services to clients who hire us for screen installation jobs.

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